01 January 2014

2013... Our Best Year Yet.

At the beginning of 2013 we tagged this as 'our best year yet.'  It was a sermon our pastor preached & a great motto for the year.  I have to say, it truly was the best year yet.  We had a few setbacks, but so many more victories.  I started going through my photos to see my favorites from the year & realized that our lives weren't lived out through our fancy cameras-- they were lived out through Instagram & the iPhone.  So here are my favorite Instagrams from the year.  I feel they tell our year better than any others.

New Years Day & first day in pigtails.

The day I planned her cake smash photos for her first birthday... she rubbed Vaseline all over her hair!  Tip: Dawn Dish Detergent gets it out!  This is also the year we learned all about packing healthy meals for our growing daughter.

A fever to ring in her birthday... but that amazing cake just made everything better!

Laundry, laundry, laundry.

I learned a lot after posting this photo of our fridge.  My Facebook friends immediately & kindly let me know the dangers that lurked inside those cartons.  It led to a lot of time researching the benefits of each of these.  I had no idea how unhealthy large amounts of soy can be for you.  We haven't had any of these products in our home for a year now.  No soymilk whatsoever.  We've drifted away from almond milk (although I don't have anything against that tasty drink!), and we don't even get fat free or 2% anymore-- only whole milk for this family.  We also get a different brand of milk to avoid high temperature pasteurization, which can deplete healthy nutrients.  We may pay a little more for our milk now, but we definitely get the best bang for our buck health-wise.  It's no longer just liquid, it's nourishment.


Adorable faces.

Unexpected beach vacation blessings.

Developing her own sense of style.
Gymnastics class!  She was great at it.

And many, many adorable faces.

 She loved trips to the pool this year.  It was super close to our house in the apartment so we went all the time.  She is a water baby for sure!
No, that's not the entire year in review-- just some of my favorites I wanted to share!  Here's to a fantastic 2014!

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