17 December 2013

I'm a Workaholic

"We're workaholics, aren't we?"

My husband said that to me a few days ago when he arrived home after midnight.  He'd been working since 8:30am and hadn't even taken a full lunch or dinner break-- just ate food that people brought him while he was working.

I looked up from my laptop when he said that.  I'd been editing photos for hours and was feeling quite accomplished in that moment.

My first inclination was to say 'no.'  We value family time & spend a lot of quality time together & with our daughter.  We very much protect that time & others know not to stand in its way.  I like to think we both know a good balance of when a deadline is due vs when we just need to take our kid to the playground.

The truth?  We are totally workaholics.  We love work.  Or rather, we love being good at it.  We love excellence & pushing forward to do the next big thing.  Give me a deadline or a goal & I'm a maniac working towards it.  The feeling of pulling off the impossible is so exhilarating.  If given the option, I would send my daughter to the sitter every single day & get that massive business to-do list done.

But we don't work all the time.  We love it, and we'd love to, but we put our family first.  Our little girl is just adorable, and she deserves more than that.  Our marriage deserves more than that.  Date nights as a couple or as a family are crucial.

I'm thankful for all the people who gave us warnings over the years.  Enjoy the time you have now.  They won't be little for long.  You'll never regret it.

You're right... I'm not regretting it!  I'm sure I'll have plenty of regrets in life & be able to pass that wisdom on to the next generation, but for now, I'm just enjoying each day as it comes.

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