29 August 2013

You ARE Supermom.

I see a lot of blog posts these days encouraging moms.  You don't have to be super mom!  You're doing a great job!  I know you're tired-- your work does not go unnoticed!

But what happens when you don't have any other choice?

Sure, there are plenty of moms who go over & beyond to make special teacher gifts & the perfect birthday invitation or Halloween costume.  But what about the mom who doesn't have time for any of that because she's simply trying to survive?  Trying to put food on the table & make sure her 4 year old isn't home alone while she's at work?

You ARE Supermom.

As a mom, I have it pretty easy.  I have a great kid who is pretty easy going, a caring husband who actively parents, cleans the house, etc, and plenty of helpful babysitters.  We even have someone to do some housework a few times a month. I also own a business, do marketing for another business, and volunteer at church.

I am BUSY, y'all.  I am tired.  Worn out.  If I quit anything I will be letting tons of people down.

But seriously... there are a zillion moms who have it way harder than me.  Every single time I pass our daughter off to my husband because I can't get her to stop crying, screaming, or if she just needs that stern daddy discipline that he's so good at, I think to myself, Single moms don't have this luxury.  They don't get this little reprieve.  What would I do if he simply wasn't here?

Or better yet, how would I pay the bills if he wasn't here?  Not only would I have this screaming kid, but I'd also be worried about how to pay the rent, buy groceries, school supplies, etc.

I wish I had the answer to fix it all.  A little twitch of the nose to take away those troubles.

I can't do that, but I can promise you... you ARE Supermom!

Sometimes surviving is all we can do.  Maybe your kid is wearing hand-me downs & worn out shoes, eating spaghetti most nights and spending every afternoon with his grandparents so you can work.  Keep it up, Supermom.  You are doing whatever it takes to provide.  To survive.  And that is valuable.  Your child is seeing your hard work & learning from you.

Smile.  You are Supermom, and you are already doing it all.

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