29 May 2013

Be Present. LIVE the precious moments.

Yesterday I focused on taking pictures at weddings... today I'm talking about the rest of life!

I love photography.  I love looking through pictures of my little girl as she grows.  And I love sharing her picture with my friends & family.

But there's a line.  A line between creating memories & just getting photographs.

This goes for times with my daughter, date nights with my husband, weddings, parties, etc.

Yeah, sure, if my daughter does something totally adorable, I'll fumble around for my phone to grab a quick shot.  Sometimes I catch it, sometimes I'm too late.  But I'd much rather actually live the memory than just have the picture.

But I refuse to see life through a camera lens.  Yep, I'm a photographer & I said it.  I need to live life, not just watch it go by.

It happens more than you may think.  Vacation... does everything need a picture or will you remember the vacation even if you don't take a picture of every animal at the zoo?  Christmas & birthdays... do you need a picture of every present that is opened?  Or can you just grab a few shots, then sit back & enjoy the moment?

So next time you're making wonderful memories & you're tempted to grab a quick picture, just remember: is it worth it?  Will you be ruining the moment by getting the picture?  Is life passing you by while you're trying to get the perfect picture?

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