20 January 2013

One Year... We've Survived a Year!

A year!  Hazelnut has been alive a year!  Because I'm a mom with a blog, I have to take a look back & you are forced to go down memory lane with me.  I'll break it into two or three posts to make it more bearable.  :)

 The video below?  My favorite-- it's her heartbeat at our first ultrasound.  It was our first sign of life-- of the excitement.  It was a wonderful moment!  The little flickering is the beating.

Another fun ultrasound picture-- her skull.  A little crazy looking, but for some reason I find it very endearing.

Me, 8 months pregnant.  This was at a wedding I was photographing-- my last before she came.

And her nursery... I love her little place in the world.

I have to say, the closet is slightly messier, but still mostly looks the same-- that organization system has worked great!  And the cloth diapers?  Still going strong!

Okay, more tomorrow!

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