03 January 2013

2013... the year of no change? Resolutions & thoughts

Now, 2013 is exciting for me.  13 is my lucky number.  I've written about it many times on here-- it's the day I was born, the day I met my husband, the day he proposed, and the day we got married.  I was sad when Hazelnut wasn't born on Friday the 13th.  I was shocked, actually.

Also?  I always thought I would have my first child in 2013.  But I got that blessing a full year early, in 2012!

So what exactly does this new year hold for me?  I'm not much for making resolutions for a new year.  But then again, I'm not the girl who starts a diet on a Monday.  I start it on the first possible day.  If I make a decision, I'm going to go ahead and do it, rather than waiting for a special day.

So that's what we've done with the overhaul in our eating.  We needed an overhaul a few months ago, so now going into the new year, we are well on our way, and it feels great!

But still, I'm a people pleaser, so when the new year rolls around, I like to have something to tell people when they ask if I have any resolutions.

Yep.  Of course.

I'm going to be more organized & do more.  Work, home, cooking, etc.  Organized.  My schedule is constantly full.  Too full.  So the more organized I am, the quicker things can get done, and the more time I will have.

This is also the first year since 2008 that we haven't moved.  Our house is getting cluttered & my minimalist spirit can't handle it!

Also, I feel like this is the first year I have a chance to breathe a little.  Here's the timeline of our marriage so far:

2006: First year of marriage-- talk about change!
2007: My brother & his daughter moved in with us.  It was a very mutual decision & we loved having them there-- but boy, another big change!
2008: We moved to Atlanta... more change.
2009: Moved to South Carolina... oh yes, even more change.
2010: We thought that was the year... we signed a new lease & were excited to be settled in to our cheap apartment with fun jobs... when this church in Virginia called and... we moved to Virginia!
2011: Ahh... life in Virginia.  Making tons of new friends and... we're pregnant!  So that means packing up again & moving to a bigger apartment.
2012: Hello baby Hazelnut!  Need I say more?  That was a change.

2013:  Nothing new on the horizon.  We are very excited for a year of doing relatively little compared to years past.  We are happy & satisfied (in a good way) with where we are.  We are content.

So I'm a little excited, and a little scared, of where 2013 will take us.  Will it finally be a year to take a breath?  Or is there something crazy awaiting us?

Will we buy a house?

I have to admit, that one is rolling around in my head.  Boy oh boy do I hope so!  But we'll see.

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