07 June 2012

Outdoor Summer Concerts

Are you ready to be slammed with pictures?  I got a couple of new lenses for wedding season this year & Josh & I headed out to an outdoor concert to try them out!

Hazel all wrapped up in her Sasha Wrap.  It's super comfy & convenient and Hazel loves it!  It's really great for outdoor events where we don't want to bring the stroller, but don't want to carry her the entire time.  She's very well secured in there, too!  It's also perfect for when she naps because she's all snuggled up next to me!

Somebody loves putting her hands in her mouth!

Look at my little chubsters!  It's hard to believe there was a time when we were concerned about her gaining weight.  :)

She loves to stretch out her legs & "stand."  We joke around that she's not a baby anymore-- she's a big girl!

... and a happy girl!

LOOK at those thighs!  Do you see the knee dimples??

Why does Hazelnut have to be so cute in a picture where I look so dumb?

The couple next to us asked if this was her first outdoor concert.  When I thought about it I realized it was actually her 3rd!

Daddy thought he'd join in since Hazelnut insisted that hands were the tastiest things ever.

Somewhere in the midst of this her headband got completely twisted around!

Funny faces with daddy!

We see this face a lot lately... everything goes in the mouth!

I love my little girl!!

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