10 May 2012

Hazelnut at 3 months (a little late)

Early on in our marriage Josh & I decided to carefully guard our time together and if it meant choosing between spending quality time together or cleaning the house, then the house would just have to be messy.

Our house has been messy most of those years, but we've had a great marriage!

So before Hazel came, I made a promise to myself.  I would rather live in the moment than take pictures of the moment.  So I've kept that rule.  As a result, I don't have 9 zillion pictures of her.  But I have what I need to remember her ages and stages, and it sure will make scrapbooking a lot easier with fewer pictures to sort through!

I'm a little behind blogging-wise, but here are her 3 month milestone pictures.  I included her current favorite toy in there.  One of her favorite babysitters bought this for her for Easter.  At the time she wasn't quite grasping things with her hands yet, but sure enough, the second she reached out for anything, that toy was an instant hit!

Sometimes while napping Hazel sighs and then throws her arms out to the side rather violently.  It's adorable.

Oops... her arm got covered in chalk!  Too cute.

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Nate & Danielle said...

Love her!!! And those legwarmers are adorable :)

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