14 February 2012

Must Haves for Baby: Health

As we were organizing Hazelnut's room before she arrived, there were some things that I put away, and other things that I kept in their boxes in a section of the closet.  It was things that I wasn't sure if I would use, need, etc.  That way I had them on hand if I needed them, but if they were ridiculously unnecessary, or if it just wasn't something that was helpful, I could return it in the end for something that would be more helpful.

Here are some things that, if you're a first time mom, you'll definitely want to go ahead and take out of the wrapping.

This piece of awesomeness is a medicine bottle dispenser made by Safety 1st.  You can get it at Wal-Mart or Babies R Us, or probably anywhere.  When we give Hazelnut some Gripe Water, if I put it in here, she sucks it down quickly.  In a medicine dropper, it takes her awhile & half of it ends up on her bib.  It's only a couple of bucks and is absolutely a life saver.

Speaking of Gripe Water...  it's some amazing stuff!  We got it as part of a medicine kit that had several different types of medicine in it.  Honestly, unless you plan on using only natural remedies forever, then I'd highly suggest getting one of those medicine kits.  It's a tiny sample of several different things, which is perfect when you have a newborn & have no idea what you need.  Hazelnut had hiccups & probably gas, too... this said it was for hiccups... so we used it & it worked!

A well rounded First Aid Kit has been super helpful, too!  It's great to know that whether we need gauze, a band-aid, or a cold compress, it's all in there.  Here's the one we got:

Hope that's helpful!

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