11 February 2012

3 weeks of fun.

3 weeks little lovebug.

This week we've finally started to make some headway.  I hate to write this down as a memory, but week 1 was a bit of a disaster; week 2 was spent overcoming & healing from week 1.  And now on week 3 I feel like we're finally back on track, and it's nice!

We got rid of thrush & worked on breastfeeding.  You're still pretty fickle, but we've made a lot of progress this week.  You also gained 12 oz this week!  Much of that is because we've been supplementing with formula, so I promise not to freak out if you don't gain as much (or any) during this time of switching to all breastmilk.

You've gotten more alert this week, but you're still a sleepy little girl.  At your check-up the doctor had to turn the lights on & off and mess with you for several minutes before you were awake enough that he could do his milestone checks.

We love reading you books & singing to you.  Usually you fall asleep pretty quickly, but hey, it's fun anyway.

Also?  Your first snow this week!  We bundled you up & took you out for a picture!

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Maggie said...

That is a great picture of you guys!! :)

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