10 January 2012

38 weeks.

Yup, I've hit that part where I'm over the whole pregnancy thing.

Things I'll miss:
-feeling her move in my belly
-showing my belly off
-not having to deal with all the newborn stuff-- worrying, changing diapers, cleaning up poop/spit-up/etc, feeding, etc

Things I will enjoy:
-not being a stranded turtle in bed every morning (also in this category- getting up off the couch; sitting, standing, & laying down comfortably)
-having feeling in my hands
-not dealing with my OB

I know it looks like the "things I will enjoy" is a shorter list, but let me tell you, having feeling in my hands again will be really awesome.  Really, really awesome.

Also?  I'm used to being flexible... I'll often sit on the ground, or scrunch up in a ball-- but now I can't and I hate that!  I'll go to do something I've always done & suddenly, it's a big deal.  When I drop something on the ground, I really consider how much I need it before I go to pick it up.

We moved last week... good grief-- moving at 37.5 weeks pregnant is quite the adventure!  The good news is Josh & I did not get a divorce during that process, and we have a lot of really awesome friends that went over & beyond to help us!  Like, we moved from a 2nd floor apartment to a 3rd floor apartment across town-- they REALLY went over & beyond!

And we finally went shopping for all the final stuff for Hazel.  I was trying to be practical & hold off until after the move.  I still have a few things to exchange, but overall we're mostly ready!

I also have a really short attention span these days.  I'm not tired, but I'm not fully alert.  Kind of in a fog all the time.

And with that, I'm going to end this post.  I wanted to write about baby's development, but all I can come up with is, "She's getting plumper... and probably has chubby cheeks."

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