29 November 2011

32 weeks: My daughter is just like me.

Yesterday marked 32 weeks.  Out of 40ish.  Yowza... where did the time go?

I keep waiting for one of those magical moments where my husband talks to my belly & Hazel suddenly starts moving all around.

She doesn't do that.

Or for the day when I learn her schedule & can tell you when she's most active & when she likes to take naps.

It's not working like that, either.

Playing music?  Does my baby love some country music?  Does she leap around in my tummy when she hears her daddy sing on stage every Sunday?

Seems to be more coincidental if she moves... 

But there is one thing that you can absolutely 100% count on.  Put your hand on my stomach & she will not move.  You can keep your hand there for 5 minutes & she'll take a nap.  Move your hand away & she'll do the tango.

It took me awhile to figure it out.  At first I thought it was because she's more active when I'm still, & especially when I'm scrunched up.  So on Thanksgiving, I sat still & scrunched my body up-- usually she starts moving like crazy.  She started kicking a little, so I let a friend touch my belly (she'd been wanting to feel her kick).  Nothing.  I nudged around my belly trying to get her to react or something.  Nada.

Then I started thinking back... she always does that.  Half of the time she does it to Josh, too, but I think she's getting used to him.

She's my little touch-me-not.  That's what my mom always called me.  I'm not a hugger, I wasn't the kid that crawled up in her lap or anything like that.  I'm not even a big fan of high fives.

I just hope she doesn't cry when other people hold her... that could be exhausting.


Krystal said...

My little guy does the same thing. However, I can put my hand there and he will stick kick. But my hubby, family or anyone else does not get to feel him that often. My husband says it is because their hand's are so much warmer than I am. Who knows?

Sportsmom0323 said...

When Katie was little we had the rule of 2's, don't get closer than 2 feet, look at her for more than 2 seconds or say more than 2 words. Interestingly, before she was born she would kick hard when my kindergartners would hug me. They thought it was funny, but she would kick them right in the face. It does make you wonder.

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