04 October 2011

24 weeks... She's tickling me!

11 inches long.  Weighs over a pound.  Her lungs are busy developing, she has a sense of movement now, and she's still hearing more and more of what's going on.

And she tickles.  I'd never heard of anyone describing baby kicks as tickles, but let me tell you... she's tickling me!  It'll be a normal day, I'm driving down the road and all of the sudden, tickle fight!  Thankfully, she stops as quickly as she starts, but it doesn't keep me from laughing a little each time.  It feels different from kicks, rolls, or jabs.  Maybe it's all those times Josh has been whispering to my belly-- maybe that's what he's been telling her... "Tickle your mom... she hates it."

Except, for the first time in my life, I like being tickled!  Growing up with 3 brothers, I got tickled a lot.  They thought it was really funny but I hated it.  So when we got married, I learned that Josh apparently loves to tickle me as well.  When he learned that I didn't like it, it just made it that much more enticing to him!  Thankfully, we now have a code- if I can manage to say the words, "Please stop!" then he'll stop.

So maybe this is Josh's passive aggressive way of getting back at me with more tickles?

I don't know, but I certainly don't mind her little tickles. They truly make me laugh!

And because I haven't posted a picture in, ah, forever, here's one from the Warrior Dash the other day!  More on that later this week.  Please excuse the craziness of my hair... it's what happens when you wake up a pregnant woman early on a Saturday morning!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about the warrior dash. Oh and tickles now, ripping out the stomach later. ha ha. They get hard towards the end. Well at least with my boys. haha.

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