23 September 2011

Which Camera Should I Buy?

I get tons of emails and Facebook messages asking me about a variety of photography related things.  It's flattering, and I try to answer each one individually.  But I also know that I was way too shy to approach most people with questions like these when I was starting out, so I thought I'd just share some on here.

Do you shoot with Canon or Nikon?  I shoot with a Nikon.  I'd like to say there were a ton of reasons why, but really, it was because my dad had a Nikon D40.  And well, why not?  I have played around with a Canon for a bit while teaching a friend how to use hers.  I think it really all depends on what you start on.  I started with a Nikon, so that's what I felt comfortable with.  But I bet my friend prefers Canon-- because she's used to it!

So... what should I choose?  When going to buy a new camera, as yourself a few questions:
     1) What am I using it for?
     2) How does it feel when I hold it?
     3) How accesible are the buttons I want to use the most?

-If you're wanting to learn the art of photography (things like aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to start with), then you'll want a DSLR (the big camera with an interchangeable lens).  These are also good if you have money to throw around & want really good pictures of your kids without knowing anything.  :)
Taken with my Nikon.  I'm not much into nature photography, but I almost stepped on this flower walking into my apartment after a session one day.  Couldn't help but stop to take a picture!

-If you're wanting good pictures of your kids but don't really care to learn all the ins and outs of photography, then a good point & shoot will do.  I have one of these myself, as well.  I use it for almost everything other than my business.  If I'm going to the zoo, I take my Kodak Easyshare.  The beach?  Hanging out with friends?  My Easyshare fits snugly in my purse and has a wrist bracelet to hang on to all day easily.  It's all I need!

Taken with my dear ol' point & shoot Kodak Easyshare.  It's ALL I used on our cruise to the Bahamas.  Sure, I took my Nikon with me, but who wants to lug around an expensive & bulky camera on vacation?  I still have the memories!  And no, this wasn't my bottle cap-- it was laying on the ground in Nassau.

-If your teenager is really into photography & wants to learn more about it, by all means, get them an entry level DSLR.  You can pick them up for less than $1000, including a lens & a battery, get them a memory card or two, and also a photography class.  Or a book, or there are plenty of websites that teach the basics of photography.  I mention this specifically because there were several moms emailing me last year at Christmas.  If you think your kid will truly enjoy it, go ahead and get that killer deal-- if it's Canon or Nikon, it's a good camera.  If it's others, I can't vouch, but it's probably at least decent.

Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments!  I'll try to answer them in future posts!


Little Lo Hood said...

Great tips! I do love my canon and for teens who are looking to splurge a little but know they will be invested should get a camera like mine (canon rebel t2i) I really don't think you can go wrong with it's price and quality. :) -Lo

Celeste said...

I'm a big fan of the used section at BH Photo Video. I've gotten lenses, flashes, and a film camera that way and they're still holding up.

Being someone who started with film SLRs makes me feel old.

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