27 September 2011

23 weeks.

I had my first 'she's growing up too fast!' moment while reading through this weeks developmental milestones.  Our little bit is now 11 inches long & weighs over a pound!  What?  When did this junk happen?

She can hear things a lot better now, and sounds that she hears a lot now won't phase her as much after she's born.  Great news, considering our dogs have taken up a newfound love for barking their heads off when anyone knocks on or opens our front door.  That also encourages me to vacuum more!  I would love it if she's the kind of baby that can sleep through anything.  And truthfully, she has good genes for it... Josh & I can both sleep through pretty much anything!

Josh & I are super excited for the week ahead.  We are busily cleaning the house from top to bottom & organizing everything in the nursery!  This weekend we're heading to North Carolina.  Josh will be in Atlanta for a few days for a church conference, and then next weekend we're having our first baby showers!  So that's the need for all the cleaning.  I know when we get back I'll want to start working on the nursery more than ever... so I need to have it organized now!  And if the rest of the house is clean, then I won't have to worry about that.  :)

This is also starting the busy season with photography-- all those holiday pictures!  I'm truly pumped-- I am ready to take it on!

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