11 August 2011

Life after debt.

I talk a lot about money management, getting out of debt, and all that fun stuff, but let's talk about what happens after getting out of debt.  Life was still life and our car still broke down, but  honestly, possibilities started to seem endless.

Suddenly, our bills were very streamlined & we quickly realized that we could now stop doing what we had to do and focus a little bit more on what we wanted to do.  That led to Josh quitting his job to pursue music full time.  This was a desire for both of us & a dream for him.  And we were able to do it.  Comfortably.

We weren't living paycheck to paycheck.  We were living well below our means, even on one paycheck (we put all his earnings into savings)!  And we even went out to eat sometimes.  :)

It wasn't long into this journey when he got a call from a church in Virginia.  Being out of debt allowed us to look at the opportunity & how we really felt about it, without putting a major focus on the money.

What would you be able to do if you didn't have to pay extra bills every month?  With an extra $50, or $500?


Anonymous said...

If it was extra? Buy clothes for me! $50 or $500- same answer!

Rob said...

If it was extra? Buy clothes for my wife! $50 or $500 - same answer!

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