23 August 2011

18 weeks.

Wow-- has it been 18 weeks already?  Skeltie is about the size of a sweet potato now, and most all of her lady parts are fully formed.

Although we haven't even come close to picking out a name yet, I have found it much easier to bond with her knowing that she's a girl.  It's easier to imagine life after she's born, and have an idea if we'll be paying for tap shoes or football cleats... although who knows, she may surprise us in the end!

Josh has been talking to my belly for a few weeks now, although I dare say it's not the conventional "talk to your child in the womb" type of thing.  He leans down and whispers to my belly to where I can't hear.  It drives me nutty!  I make him tell me what he's saying, and he does, but then insists that he'll wake up in the middle of the night and whisper to her when I'm asleep.

It. totally. cracks. me. up.

He is going to be such a fabulous daddy!


Stephanie said...

Aw, that's so sweet. When I was pregnant J was always talking to my belly!

Anonymous said...
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Celeste said...

If I haven't said it before, congratulations on your baby girl. I'm excited for all the cousins on the way.

On an unrelated note, I am shocked that you would use a watermarked stock photography image for your blog. You should know this is copyright infringement. You disable the right click function on your site (I assume to prevent people from downloading your images). I think it should be pretty clear that a watermarked image from a stock photography company is not up for free usage.

Celeste said...

For more info: http://blog.webcopyplus.com/2011/02/14/legal-lesson-learned-copywriter-pays-4000-for-10-photo/

fowler said...

You're right Celeste-- I actually was thinking through a different thought process, choosing that image on purpose, but I see how I was wrong. I used that image because it did have all the copyright information on it to give them credit back. Guess I shouldn't be writing blogs during pregnancy insomnia anymore. :) I took it down.
As for my website, I have not disabled right clicking on anything. For my business site, I use a flash webpage, which by nature does not allow for right clicking. However, if someone wants to steal the image, there are very easy ways to do it. Depending on their use of it, I could get upset. Also, if someone really wanted to steal my images, there are many easier ways than through my website. My blog or Facebook fan page, for example.

Celeste said...

I apologize for coming on kind of aggressively. It's a hot issue for me and something I try to be very careful about as a photographer (and since selling stock photography is a goal of mine).

The safest policy is to stick to creative commons from flickr, or personally ask the copyright holder if it's okay to use.

As for the right click, whenever I try to right click to open something in a new tab it tells me that is disabled. Maybe it's just me.

fowler said...

Not sure-- I haven't added any extra codes into my layout to do that, and it I can right click just fine-- weird!

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