12 July 2011

12 weeks & counting...

12 weeks y'all!  I feel like I'm finally about to leave the 1st trimester fog!

Morning sickness comes & goes, which is much better than it has been!  Clothes are getting tighter & tighter & when I looked in the mirror yesterday I couldn't find my waist.  A little alarming, but it had to happen one day.

I've always been interested in cloth diapers, but me + baby + sharp objects (diaper pins) = NOT a good idea.  At Christmas I was changing a diaper at church & it was cloth.  I'd never seen one like that before, but even though I had no idea what I was doing, it was super simple.  I think that's when I decided that I would definitely do cloth for our future kids.  Thankfully, the baby whose diaper I was changing was a good friend's daughter, so I've been able to pick her brain about them!

The more I learn, the better it gets.  I'm cheap, and the savings is huge!  Plus, they come in adorable prints! I mean, who doesn't get excited about changing a diaper when you have these cute little things to cover that bottom with?!

Oh... you still don't get excited about changing diapers?  Well, it gets me excited.

As for baby-- it's got reflexes now, and it's kidneys are working!  It's intestines are growing like weeds & are even protruding into the umbilical cord.

That's it for this week.  My sources say that baby is the size of a plum, but I checked at Wal-Mart last week, and the limes were larger than plums.  So let's just say the babe is somewhere between the size of a lime & a peach!


Josh and Emily said...

We use cloth diaps for Andrew from GroVia and we love them. :)

shannon*bear said...

We've already decided that we'll use cloth diapers! My friend Carla is also using and a few other friends have encouraged us to use them. So glad you're starting to feel better, post photos of your bump soon? :]

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