03 June 2011


Lately, any reminders of our cruise last week have been making me nauseous.  I think about the water & how miserable I was on the last day and...

yep... I'm getting queasy just writing about it, so I'll stop!

But I do want to share a few panoramic pictures I took.  Every picture I have from the trip is with my point & shoot, which has fun little features like this panoramic one!

Nassau-- Our ship is on the far right (closest to us).

Freeport (well, actually Lucaya)-Waiting for the boat to take us to Rainbow Reef to snorkel!

Freeport... I love how the clouds at one side of the ship are ominous & gray, and they are gorgeous blue on the other side!
Have a great weekend!


Rob said...

Great pics. I didn't know you got sick on your last day.

Anonymous said...

what kind of point-and-shoot do you use?

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love these.

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