16 May 2011

Movie Reviews... your fave?

This weekend I watched not one, but two chick flicks.  And I watched one last week.  This is pretty monumental in the Fowler household because neither of us really have the attention span to watch a whole movie without pausing it or falling asleep altogether.

Here's my movie critique that doesn't actually involve anything that a critique should (I'm sure).

1) Life as We Know It

You know... where the couple dies and leaves their child to two friends?
Cute guy: yes
Storyline: meh
Ending: terrible
Funny?: at some points
Did I stay awake?: Not at all.  Fell asleep halfway through and slept like a baby until morning.

Overall, the beginning of the movie went as expected, and the 2nd half went downhill so fast it wasn't even funny.

2) The Time Traveler's Wife

Cute guy: meh... not my style, but still cute
Storyline: pretty awesome - WAY better than I expected!
Ending: loved it- didn't predict the ending halfway through, and was satisfied when the credits started rolling
Did I stay awake?: Yes! And hugged my hubby afterwards, too!

3) Dear John

Cute guy: oh my word!  Perhaps the cutest actor I've ever seen!
Storyline: meh... predictable
Ending: hated it.  Rather, I guess I hated the middle the most, but that was part of the story.  I just wasn't happy with the ending.
Did I stay awake?: Yes, but I did leave halfway through to go to a friend's house for several hours...

So yup... there are my reviews.  If you haven't seen them, I would recommend The Time Traveler's Wife, and possibly Dear John if you like hating the characters at the end.

What good movies have you seen lately... or what is your all-time favorite movie?


Rob said...

Monica and I just saw Fast Five. I do not like the Fast And The Furious series so I was surprised at how much we both liked that movie.

Shawntae said...

Absolutely positively The Notebook. I'll watch it every time I see it in the guide.

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