20 May 2011

Fix It Friday!

Ahh... I've missed FIF on the main blogsite of I Heart Faces, and they did a special this week and it's back! :)  This makes my heart happy.

Here's the original provided by IHF:

And here's my edit in Lightroom!  First I ran one of my own actions. I didn't like that the eyes were still so dark and didn't have any catchlights, so, I used the fill light feature to brighten up the face until catchlights were there.  Much better.  Then I smoothed out the skin under the eyes and lowered the saturation in places on the face where the red lollipop was reflecting too much.

Here's what the basic tab in LR looked like with the final product.

I love what a few simple edits can do for an image.  The lollipop is what stands out in the first image, but in the edited version, the eyes begin to really draw you in and you forget there's even a lollipop in the picture!

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1 comment:

Cara said...

AMAZING! I cannot wait to have you take photos of our family. Maybe we can get on the calendar this summer. I thought this was a great picture to begin with, no I see that it is even better! Love it.

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