04 April 2011

Why I fear the Y.

YMCA that is.

In 2006 I went to the YMCA in Asheville, NC.  IT. WAS. TERRIFYING.

One step into the women's locker room I saw a butt-naked lady, bended over at the waist with her hair flipped upside down as she dried it with a hair dryer.

Good thing she had the hair dryer going or she might have heard my gasp shriek.

I'd never given it much thought before, but I actually have a system to how I get ready after being in the shower.  My system is called "No-matter-what-it-only-makes-sense-to-put-clothes-on-before-you-dry-your-hair... especially-in-a-public-place... especially-when-you're-standing-right-next-to-the-door."

But maybe I'm just too modest.

Fast forward to 2011 & Josh has gotten a membership to the YMCA here in Virginia.  Asheville is such a unique area, I try to put my previous YMCA experience behind me, assuming it's because it was Asheville.  If I had two words to describe Asheville, it would be:

  1. Weird
  2. Hippie
And I don't think anyone would really argue with those two vast generalizations.  But I'd say if you we're going to see a naked woman in the locker room, it would either be at a nudist colony or under Asheville-type conditions.

But back to Virginia... I went with Josh to a 6am class one morning.  After the class I went to the locker room, bracing myself for any potentially naked women drying their hair.

Victory!  No naked-hair-drying-women!!  But in the next 30 minutes it took me to get a shower and ready, I saw 3.5 additional naked women.  I could have seen 4, but thankfully I was able to avoid that other half.

And I'm talking NAKED.  Normally, when someone says they saw someone walking around naked, I assume hope they mean with underwear on, at least.  These women were boldly strutting their stuff so that no one could miss it (like anyone could miss it anyway).  And they're not shy... they're chatting up their clothed friends and talking about their plans for the weekend, that big project at work, how the kids are doing these days, etc.

I know I grew up in a modest family, but does this totally freak anyone else out?

I am officially keeping a count of how many naked women I see at the YMCA.  So far: 4.5


Rob said...

I am with ya. Your husband on the other hand is not. I avoid changing at the Y just so I don't run into any old naked dudes.

LB said...

yep, it's gross. in the morning, it's older women and asian women. in the evening, it's a much rougher crowd.

if you hate it a lot, you can go to the family changing rooms. each bathroom has a shower, sink, toilet, and LOCKED DOOR. :)

jonandallisona said...

This just cracks me up! Your description of Asheville is perfect and when you have lived there it just totally makes sense. I don't know what it is about the Y, every single one I have been in is the same way. After a few times of seeing WAY more than I would ever want to see I avoid the locker room at all cost and go home to take my shower if at all possible:-)

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh out loud on this one! I have the same Dresss BEFORE you Dry attitude. My husband will not even go into the locker rooms at the Y. He went in there once to go to the bathroom and saw 4 naked dudes... We have been going there for over a year :)

Celeste said...

um... I thought there were naked people in all locker rooms... Didn't know it was an issue. I agree with getting dressed before drying though.

I used to do lap swim at my college gym, so yeah, a lot of nudity. You get used to it.

The Three Amigos said...

I grew up as a swimmer too...and we were always naked in the locker room. Always going on about life while getting dressed. No big deal in my book. I mean, it's all women. We all have the same parts. There's probably not anyone in there who is going to be checking you out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really hope you and your husband grow-up. I've been swimming at the Y for years and have always used the showers - which are open (not individual with curtains). Never realized people would freak-out over it.

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