24 April 2011

This is my Africa.

I live in Virginia, but I have an Atlanta phone number, I just moved from South Carolina, and I grew up in and have a license plate for North Carolina.

When people find that out, their next question is, "Oh, is your husband in the military?"

"Nope, the ministry."

Which gets all sorts of responses.  

It makes me smile, though.

In high school I was not the one who wanted to leave my hometown.  When everyone else was making plans to leave and experience the world I was applying at exactly one university, and it was 30 minutes from my house. When Josh and I got married, the thought of living in the big city of Asheville was daunting.

So living in 4 different states in 3 years and settling in 8 hours away from my family wasn't anywhere near the radar.

But I'm glad it ended up that way.  Sure, I'd love to live in the same town as my family and get to see them throughout the week like I used to.  To hang out with my brothers on a Friday night and watch their kids grow up.  But I also see a tiny glimpse of what it must be like to be a foreign missionary.  Virginia is my Africa.  

And honestly?  It's pretty rewarding.  To be in a place (figuratively and literally) where you know you were destined to be... it's awesome!

Happy Easter!

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