17 April 2011

There's one in every crowd, and if you don't know who it is, then it's you!

At our church we have community groups.  It's many small groups of people at our church who get together during the week to hang out, talk about the sermon, go a little deeper with applying it to our lives and eat some yummy food.  (Think Sunday School, but way more fun)  Most of the time it starts out as a bunch of strangers and before we know it we're all good friends.

But as with any random sampling of people, you have a few crazies.  It's pretty much guaranteed to happen and so as a church we embrace it.  There are the ones who dominate the entire conversation, the ones who don't make a peep for weeks, the ones who repeat things over and over and over and over again (like the time their cat made the funniest face, and it totally reminded them of God's grace...), and then of course there are people who are perpetually late.  There are more, but you get the idea.

In our last group in Georgia we were the perpetually late people.  We got off work around 6:30pm and had an hour to battle Atlanta traffic, walk our dogs, change clothes, grab our stuff, and battle Atlanta traffic again in order to get there by 7:30pm.  If we made it to the driveway by 7:35, we were high-fiveing each other that we had made it close to the correct time.

But in our current group?  Well, I'm a little worried.  In fact, I'm really worried because the other night I was looking around our group and realized that we don't have one of those extremely weird people/couples in our group.  And usually, it's a big joke that if you can't recognize that person in your group, it's because YOU are actually that person.


Hi, my name is Susan, my husband's name is Josh, and we are the weird couple.

Oh dear... I hope this isn't true!

Are you in a group like this?  Whether it's for church or just a group of your friends, what are the different personality types that you see?  There are so many, I love to hear about them!

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