27 April 2011

Royal Wedding: Reflection on my own.

Okay, I promise I'm not caught up in the Royal Wedding frenzy.  But I do think it's interesting, and I love weddings, so I caught myself daydreaming a bit.  About what I would do if I were getting married now, rather than 5 years ago.  Oh, and assuming I don't have a budget.

This was my wedding dress 5 years ago.  Got it at Wedding Inspirations- a fabulous boutique in Asheville, NC. It was on the discontinued rack for $300, and alterations were free!  It was by Maggie Sottero, whose styles I adore.  Although I love things that are symmetrical, I loved that this dress wasn't.

If I were planning today (with a limitless budget), I'd go for this one (still Maggie Sottero):

Ironically, it's a lot like my friend's dress- I was just in her wedding a few weeks ago!

 As far as bridesmaids dresses go, though... I couldn't give a flying flip.  I chose these because they were less than $100 and were the type of style & material that would look good on many different body types.

That and my bridesmaids wouldn't pick anything out!  Heehee-- I told them I didn't care, but they wanted me to pick because it was my wedding, so someone had to choose.  I didn't even care about the color-- no one else had an opinion, so I chose a green and this pink.  Finally I think it was Melanie who chose the pink because I made her choose something!

Oh... and feathers!  I would have feathers.

Hmmm... do you think Kate will have feathers?  Personally, I think she'll go for something simple and chic, but extremely sophisticated.  Feathers could fit in well with that, I do believe...

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