12 April 2011

Growing up!

There's no denying that I love my nieces!  Watching Sunaura grow and develop from an 11 week early premie to almost 2 years old has been amazing!  Last time I came up to NC I got a chance to hang out a little bit!

She's 20 months old, but with cerebral palsy and being born 11 weeks early, she's had a lot of catching up to do!  She's close to catching up with the average height and weight of other babies her age!

Check it out-- some hair!

And she's sooooo close to walking!  With the help of acupuncture, she's been able to use her hands in ways that we weren't sure was going to happen.  She used to keep her right hand and foot clenched all the time-- but not nearly as much anymore!

The doctor also suggested getting her a good pair of tennis shoes to help keep her feet in the right position to help with walking.  And boy, is she stylish!  She was trying to figure out how to tie & untie her shoes, and how to put them on.  She's already figured out how to take them off!

And in case we weren't sure how much of a girlie girl she is, here she was 'ready to go'-- sippy cup, purse, shoes, and her hat!  Oh, and the outfit?  The striped shirt was her pajama shirt, but she refused to take it off, so her mom just put the other one over it.  I love that Sunaura is so strong-willed.  She's always been a fighter, and it's going to be good for her in life!

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