20 March 2011


Last night the moon was supposed to be closer to earth than it had been since March 1993.  Therefore, it was supposed to appear to be the largest moon since then as well.  Some called it the "Supermoon."

I was completely unaware of this until Josh called me to let me know we were going to a cook-out and to watch this large moon.  It was also highly suggested that I take my camera.

So I did... knowing full well what a picture of the moon looks like through a camera.  Go ahead... try it... you'll be disappointed.  It's pretty much teeny tiny compared to what you see in real life.

But I tried it anyway, and although the shots didn't turn out great, the didn't turn out quite as awful as I anticipated.  I didn't have a tripod, so I was balancing my camera against odd things here and there (including the edge of an infinity pool...).

Hello gorgeous water... I'm still in awe of such large bodies of water.

Did you get to see the moon last night?

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