23 March 2011

The Land Before Time terrorized me.

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Do you remember that movie?  It absolutely terrorized me.  I watched it once when I was 5 and to this day I can see the look of terror in Littlefoot's face as the earthquake separates his herd and his mom dies.  I mean, really, who puts that in a kid's movie?

I cried and cried and cried over that movie.  Poor Littlefoot-- how terrible to not have his mom!  Maybe that's why I'm such a family person-- I learned early that you have to appreciate them while they're there.  Maybe that's why I had so much separation anxiety when we first moved to Atlanta?

At any rate, I still maintain that it was a terrible theme for a kids movie.  I'm sure there was another, more uplifting theme, but I don't remember it.

That movie reared it's ugly head again in the 3rd grade when the teacher decided to reward us by letting us watch The Land Before Time III.  I'm pretty sure I sat my head on my desk and sang la-la-la to myself the entire time.  No way was I subjecting myself to that junk again!

What movie gets you in the gut?  Or bothers you?  Which one do you refuse to watch again because you just can't stand it???

**Side note: I was just looking on Wikipedia... did you know that there were 13 of those movies altogether?  And the last one was just released in 2007!  What?!**

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Stacie said...

The movie I can't stand and gives me nightmares is Edward Scissorhands!!! The first time I saw it I couldn't finish it I was probably 12. The movie freaks me out and I still can't watch it.

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