15 March 2011


When I was little my sister and I had a huge box full of all sorts of hair accessories.  We both had long hair, and it was the 90s, so you can only imagine what all was in there.  

But now?  I use a few basic snap clips if I want to pull my hair back, but that's the extent of my hair accessorizing.

I wish... oh how I wish... I could pull this off.

I've seen people do it in everyday life.  And I admire them.  I want them to take me shopping and show me what to buy and how to be cool in general.


But every time I try one of these cute puppies on at the store it looks a little more like this:

And this:

I mean, seriously... it looks like I have a growth coming out the side of my head!

So seriously... if you're one of those mega cool people that can pull this junk off, will you pretty please give me some tips?  Or a makeover?

I am in need of a makeover.


Melanie Reller said...

I Am the SAME WAY! I LOVVVE all the cute ones I see on etsy. I end up looking like a 4th grader when I put in a headband. I've found some cute flower clips and bobby pins that I can pull off but that's about it.
Let me know if someone has some ingenious tips for you.

Melissa said...

Is it bad that sometimes I wear my daughter's flower clips? I want to make some more sophisticated clips and headbands for myself. I *think* I can pull it off, but I may actually look totally ridiculous :)

LB said...

Rock it like it's yours and you WILL be one of those awesome people that can pull it off! It's the same as Uggs, tights, and any other fashion statement!

(I think I look ridiculous in necklaces like you wear so well!)

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