21 February 2011

Sick Tricks.

Yesterday I was sick. This happens about once in a blue moon, but I have a couple of tricks I do when I get sick in order to get better quickly.

I tried all of them yesterday and none of them worked.  Bummer.

  • Zicam: This stuff is legit.  It's a whole lotta zinc and I start to take it as soon as I feel crummy.  Usually, I don't even get sick.  Plus, I like using homeopathic remedies when possible. (Yes, there is a bad rap out there- rule #1: don't use nose spray-- I take the dissolvable tablets)
  • Water: My second line of defense.  I start chugging water.
  • Sleep: 'nuff said.
I started those two Saturday night and fully expected to be going full force by Sunday.  It didn't work, though, and I spent all day in bed.  I think my immune system was weak from giving blood, and then walking 5 miles, then eating dirt (no joke) on a photo shoot.

Okay, so I don't know that the dirt had a whole lot to do with it, but really, I totally ate dirt!

Since I wasn't feeling better on Sunday, here was my second line of defense:
  • Eat, eat, eat!:  Seriously, when I'm sick, any sort of diet flies out the window.  When I feel better, I get better physically.  And eating comfort foods just make me feel better!  Ice Cream is always at the top of the list on this one.  Especially those yummy vanilla cones from McDonalds.  Hearty foods are also big.
  • Brush my teeth: Often overlooked when I'm sick, and heck, my teeth get gross!
  • Take a shower: To me, taking a shower signals the end of sickness.  Once I'm out of the shower, I'm officially better!
Except not.  I tried all of these tricks in my bag and I'm still not better.

What do you do when you're sick?

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Rob said...

I hope you feel better soon.

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