10 February 2011

RAOK... what?

Whitney Jill
RAOK?  What on earth is RAOK?

Random Act of Kindness.

Awesome, Susan... what's the point?

Remember my friend, Sheyenne, that I asked you to pray for a few weeks ago?  She was going in for an ultrasound and it was nerve-wracking because this was the same point in the pregnancy where she found out there were major issues with her first child?  Her first child was Whitney Jill.

Her life on earth was short, but tomorrow would be Whitney's 1st birthday.  In honor of that, her parents have organized an international (no really... international!) RAOK day.

If you want to learn more about who Whitney Jill is, you can get the whole story here.

So.... get out there and do a random act of kindness!  It doesn't matter how big or little... what matters is that you're making a difference in the life of someone else.  It may seem small or insignificant to you, but how awesome will it be for the receiver?

If you like, you can take a picture and share it with Sheyenne for her blog.  She will be tickled to death!

*and if you missed the update to the ultrasound, everything is A-okay and they are expecting a little girl-- Gianna.*


Rob said...

Love this.

LB said...

oh, susan, this is an amazing testament...my heart hurts for their loss and rejoices at their victory.

BetnyNonnie said...

I think this is really super cool! But shouldn't it be RAOK? I think it is a fabulous concept and I am praying for their sweet baby!!!

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