17 February 2011

Prepare to be Annoyed.

Yesterday I was in line at a place and the lady in front of me started to drive me crazy.  I generally don't get impatient very quickly, but this lady was insane!  For what would normally take someone 4 seconds to say, she would take a full minute.

And when you're standing in line, that's a long time.

But then it hit me.

She is probably someone's grandma.  Someone's daughter.  Someone's friend.

She's not insane, she's just a little different from me.  How many times am I the annoying one that people want to shove out of the way?

How would I think differently of this lady in line in front of me if I actually knew her?  I bet I'd probably be more understanding... even help her out.

So why not?

New goal:  To assume the best about people, rather than just being annoyed all the time.


Rob said...

Most excellent post.

Devin said...

LOVE week! :)

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