11 February 2011

Pickles, birthdays, juice, and shin splints.

Me & pickles go way back.

For my 5th birthday, I asked for a Pickle Party.  I apparently loved pickles at that point in my life.  LOVED them.  So while other kids were having Barbie & Elmo birthdays, I was hitting up the pickle aisle at the grocery store for one of each kind.

I applaud my mother for allowing this idea to come to life.  I mean, really, it's just about the lamest idea for a party.

Over the years, my love for pickles waned.  For years I decided that they tasted bad until high school when I realized those things were only 5 calories!

So when I got married, I never expected to have this conversation at the grocery store.

          Josh: You like pickles?

          Susan: Yeah, we can pick some up.

          Josh: Sweet- I love to drink the juice.


To this day, dude drinks pickle juice.  He loves it.

I tried it.  He swore it would help with my shin splints.

Blegh. It's just totally gross... disgusting.

What's your take?  Have you ever tried the juice by itself?


Shawntae said...

Oh yes, pickle juice is great! I don't drink it like I did as a kid, but I'll occasionally take a swig or two.lol

Hannah said...

Hey!I like pickles but not so much the juice... Although- It is supposed to help with heart burn...

Rob said...

Gag nasty.

Rachel said...

Very weird, but I must admit, very funny!

AnniePressley said...

I was at a party and a Russian and a Bulgarian friend of mine said "We use this as a chaser all the time back home!" They took shots and chased them with pickle juice. Gross.

BetnyNonnie said...

I LOVE pickles. My husband HATES pickles. When I was a kid, I would drink pickle juice! Also randomly, one of my favorite books for kids is called "Pickle Things"!

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