10 December 2010

I Heart Faces: Fix-It Friday

It's Friday again, and that means Fix-It Friday with I Heart Faces!  This week they provided us with an adorable picture to start with!


I used Lightroom, and since I love this picture so much, I just changed a few minor things- adjusted the color a bit so they're faces weren't as red, and brightened up their faces and skin as well.  I whitened their teeth because the red tint from the original photo was really showing up there.  I also brought a little color and sharpness out in the eyes.

Then I was stuck... what do you do with such an awesome photo?  I played around with the crop a little bit.  Not bad, but I still prefer the original.

And while I was zooming in on the details, I noticed how completely gorgeous these two are, so I did a closer crop on just their faces.  Not ideal for this picture - in a session they would have just had individuals made as well... but I like to get a little creative during Fix-It Friday!

Something about me assumes that these are sisters.  This image just says, "Hey, we're sisters, and we love each other."

Check out the other edits over at I Heart Faces!


Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Lovely edits ~ I agree the girls are both very beautiful! :D

Jessica Paige said...

Beautiful edits! Both girls were so lovely and did such a fabulous job during the session.

Jenn {SweetGoosePhoto} said...

Wonderful edits! I love the ones where you cropped the girls individually! I completely agree that there was not much to do with this lovely picture.

Melanie Reller said...

I think your edit is great. This picture doesn't need much does it?

Abby Lanes said...

I love what you did. It's just gorgeous.

Jessica said...

You did an amazing job and I love how you cropped the girls out of the frame! Nice job!

Vero said...

The individual shots look pretty good. I would have expected them to be grainy or pixeleated or something when you cropped in so close. Looks good.

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