07 December 2010

A few things...

The following picture was taken at 11:15am:

And this picture was taken at 12:32pm of the same day.

After an hour and 15 minutes, they had barely moved.  Max had curled up in the other direction, and Jigsaw moved roughly a foot.

We used to call it 'chilled out,' but now I think we're more in the area of 'lazy.'

Our cat, though?  She's on top of it.  This, for example:

Do you realize how much it stinks to drop toothpicks on the ground?  Sure, they're around $1 a box, but once those babies touch the ground, there is no 2 second rule.  Not that I'm a fan of the 2 second rule... because I most definitely am not.  I realize I eat grosser things, but it's easier because it's not right in my face.

Like the toothpicks.

But our cat is on top of stuff like this.  She's constantly prowling the house looking for something interesting.  If she doesn't find anything, she'll wake up one of the dogs and go into attack mode just to get some attention.

She was all over the toothpick situation, though.

Really, what can I say, other than, "Go for it, Ellie.  Just clean the mess up when you're done!"

Yeah right.

Oh!  And last, but certainly not least for my random post, our bedroom!

Yes, the walls desperately need painted, but we're not going to do that.  With any luck, we'll be buying a house in a year or two, and I don't want to paint the walls of an apartment just to repaint them later.

But all the white helps me keep things clean.  It's like I have a reason to keep it all clean.  And for some strange reason, I like it!

Hopefully more pictures of the house to come soon because I know you're dying to see them.  Usually it's our living room that's completed first, but the bedroom won this time.  In the past, the bedroom has always been the very last room to be completed.

I'll leave you with one last picture, just for good measure.

I believe the technical term for this is Lay-Zeeee.
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