29 November 2010

Moving Day!

Well folks, today is moving day.  This morning, we're loading everything in the truck (with major help from a good friend and Josh's step-dad), hooking a 1974 Volkswagon Bug to the back, and setting out on the open road to Virginia!

So instead of a very interesting post today, I'll just ask you to pray for us.  Pray that two people with questionably bad backs can move this stuff out, drive 8 hours, and then get a good nights rest before unpacking everything tomorrow.

Pray for our sweet doggies, that they have a smooth ride up there, and for our precious kitty cat that has already had 3 heart attacks at the site of the boxes being packed.

And for traveling grace.  It seems like such a stock prayer, but really.  I hate large trucks, and guess what Josh is driving?  A large truck.  I can either follow (and have a nervous breakdown when he makes the slightest turn or break) or he can follow me (in which I'll constantly be wondering Is the VW Bug still attached to the back of the truck, or did it roll off into a ravine?).

Why yes, that is what I think of.  So yeah... need your prayers in a lot of other ways, too!  :)

Just pray that we get there safely and that two ADD people don't get too bored on that long drive!

1 comment:

Rob said...

I prayed as soon as I read this. We'll see you in the 757.

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