18 October 2010

Men & babies.

It's no secret that Josh and I are waiting to have kids.

Photo by: Blue Frame Photography

Waiting for what, exactly?  We're not sure... just waiting until later.  We really really enjoy it being just the two of us right now.  Plus two dogs.  And one cat.

But put us around a baby and we're gaga.  I thought I'd never see this day, but Josh loves holding Rylie!

There is something so sweet about a man holding a baby.

And so adorable to see him play around with her.

In light of us waiting to have kids, I want to know... how did you know when is the right time?

When I think about it... there's no major reason why we're waiting, except that we love our time together.

So, I don't really expect to NOT enjoy our time together in the future... and if we began to not enjoy our time together, then that certainly wouldn't be the time to have a child.

It has to change at some point in time, because we definitely want kiddos!  I'm not particularly worried about this, but just curious about others' experiences.


Rachel said...

When you are ready, you will just know. It will be like you know anything else: when you realized you love Josh, when you two knew you wanted to marry each other, etc. It will just make sense to start your family whether you can explain it or not.

Most importantly, you're ready to have kids whenever you both agree you're ready to have kids. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I look forward to our kids playing together some day.

Rachel said...

P.S. We talked about writing a parent's guide to ourselves, and I wish we had done it before I got pregnant. (My brain is mommy-geared now, and therefore biased.) Anyway, it is a cool idea to sit down and write down positives and negatives about your childhood/raising. The goal is to recognize how your family impacted you, and how you would like to raise your children. It could be a fun way to prepare for the time when you are "ready."

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