19 October 2010

The Corn Maze. And how my dogs view stairs.

Well... they spelled it corn "maize" which I think is pretty cute.

I'd never been to a corn maze before.  Always thought it sounded pretty cool, though.  So on Saturday, after hearing all these commercials about how this Saturday you could bring your pet, Josh and I ended up in the same county, with our pets.

It worked out pretty perfect, actually, seeing as how we couldn't have gone unless we were able to bring our pets.

You can see exactly how interested they were in the whole ordeal.

Regardless, I was pretty excited.

Jigsaw was our fearless leader.  Completely fearless.  And he was ready to take on the corn maze!  Forget about trails, he weaved in an out of corn stalks so much that I think we spent half the time just trying to get him untangled.

The other half of the time we were trying to untangle their leashes from each other.  They are quite difficult to walk together.  Max runs in circles around you (literally... around your body) and then Jigsaw is full steam ahead, but rather ADD, so he darts in and out of bushes, trees, and in this case, corn stalks.

We had our own little maze going on just trying to untangle those two!

Although it's not something I'd love to do year after year, Josh and I decided it was a very fun one time thing for us.  I guess I just don't enjoy walking aimlessly.

At least we didn't get lost.

Of course, we stopped a bit along the way.  Jigsaw wasn't really cool with it, but I told him that I'm his owner and he has to do what I say.

Then he licked his lips and yawned.

I was pretty proud of him when he scaled these stairs, though:

They were steep stairs and I was nervous for the little buddy.  But he was fearless.  He is a Jack Russell, after all, and it's rare to hear of one dying of natural causes.

No really, ask someone who owns a Jack Russell what their expected life span is.  They'll think for a bit and then totally guess.

10 years?  20 years?

I heard the other day of a Jack Russell & Fox Terrier mix living to 27 in South Africa.

I'm pretty proud of Jigsaw for making it to 10 years so far.  His future wasn't look so bright around the age of 3.

But he's a good ol' boy, and he made it all the way to the top of the stairs!

Max?  He balks at the thought of stairs.  He has to get up the nerve each and every day to walk up the stairs to our apartment.

He looks at them, and then runs up all of them without thinking.  Really, really fast.  It's like drinking carrot juice or taking nasty tasting medicine.  The faster you do it, the faster it's over with.

That's how Max thinks of stairs.  Each of these steps happened to be about as far away from each other as his body is long.  So there was no way.  Josh took pity on him.

And then comforted him when we got to the top.  I don't think heights are really his thing, either.

Idn't that sweet?

(sidenote:  we really say "Idn't that" in the south.  It looks like a redneck typo because 's' & 'd' are next to each other on the keyboard.  But it's totally normal to hear someone say that.  Weird.)

(another sidenote:  I was way too lazy to actually correct these pictures.  Enjoy the crazy bright ones and the super dark shadows!)
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