06 September 2010

I Heart Faces: My Summer in Review

My summer in review... in pictures?  I Heart Faces may not have known what they were in for for this week's challenge.  Actually, I think they totally knew what they were in for, which is why they aren't judging this week.  Just enjoying the photos!

Let me tell you, I had a great summer!  I finally got my DSLR that I'd been wanting since... oh... forever.  I remember my dad's old brown camera bag from when I was little.  It was an SLR camera and I've wanted one ever since!

I'm also very thankful that we're now in the digital age.  I would have never been able to afford the habit of film photography, and I honestly don't know how great of a photographer I would have been.

Blah blah blah.  So here is my summer in pictures.  And captions. 

Many trips down to Columbia... but this summer they finished the roadwork on 385, which made the trip much shorter.  This picture was taken before the roadwork was completed.  It was about 900 degrees outside and we didn't have air conditioning.

So many fun dates this summer!  I love living here!

Both me & Josh are June babies, and so were a lot of people we worked with!  So we had everyone over to our house for a pool party and cookout to celebrate.  Here, several of the guys were having a sing-a-long... yeah...

LOTS of June babies!  In both families they just make one big cake and put everyone's name on it. Here we're celebrating me, Josh, and his grandmother's birthdays, as well as father's day.

Bele Chere... oh Bele Chere.  The pictures say it all.  Such a fun street festival in Asheville, NC every July.

Fun seeing Miss Avery in the pool!  We enjoyed hanging out with our NC friends every chance we got this summer.

Hey look, here are more NC friends!  I've known Charlie and Krissy since I was a kid.  They were our neighbors when Josh and I were first married 4 years ago.  And they finally got married this summer!

And this was their wedding reception.  In the middle of nowhere (Max Patch, NC).  Everyone bring an instrument and it's a shindig!  The really tall guy was my neighbor growing up, and Josh is next to him.  All of my brothers were there as well.  I love hanging out with family, too!

The view from the reception.

And the sunset that night... how amazing!

The next morning we hiked up to Max Patch Bald.  I'd heard about it earlier in the year and wanted to go, but after driving that gravel road for 40 minutes to get there, I knew it was now or never... I may never go on that road again!

Trips to Columbia with my love... dates... being silly.  That is summer.

Rylie has officially taken her place in the family.  She has everyone wrapped around her finger.  But what baby doesn't? We all turn to mush around Sunaura, too!

We joined our new church home.  Newspring Church.  They have 4 (soon to have 5) campuses in SC  and a friend is the worship leader at the one in Columbia.  Even though we attend the Greenville campus, we frequent the Columbia campus when Josh is asked to play there.

Spur of the moment trips.  Our summer was full of them.  What started out as a relaxing Friday night ended us up here at the Swannanoa Gathering in a different state!  What fun, though, line dancing with my dad and listening to old time music.

Meow!  One good picture of the cat... finally.

And we now live near Chuck Norris.  What?  How dare you say that's a statue?  Chuck Norris is watching you...
And last, but most certainly not least... photography!  I have been so blessed to have my summer full of it!  And I'm surrounded by supportive people which is really a great blessing.
Wow... you stuck around for all of that?  Thanks!  Now go check out how everyone else's summers went!


shannonbear said...

HOLY COW! What a grand idea! I've never been to iheartfaces but I'm excited to follow suit and do the same thing for our summer - kind of a big summer for us! Eeeek!

And yes, deer camp may turn into what your dad's did. My dad has this huge canvas tent that stays up all season, it's like a small house. It's crazy!

Lovelilyp said...

Hi! I'm new to IHF and just posted my first entry. I'm also a very novice photographer. I love how you told a whole story with your photos. Your shots of the sunset, wow!! And excellent shot of the kitty. Mine never stay still long enough!!

Wanda said...

Stuck around and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. What a blast you had this summer. I like how you set us up for it and you didn't disappoint.

Wanda (At Last...) Your iheartfaces neighbour.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a great summer. It looked like a whirlwind! Congratulations on getting your camera and starting a business. How very exciting for you : ) The babies in this post were so adorable. Oh. My. Heart :) sweet as can be : )

★ §nõwƒlake ★ said...

LOVE the sunset!

Melissa said...

Loved looking at all of your pictures! We were just in Greenville a couple of weeks ago at the tail end of our cruise--such a beautiful area! Looks like you had a fun filled summer!


Carly said...

great picture of your cat! Looks like a fun summer.

Me said...

The little girl in the red dress looks like a doll! Beautiful captures and a wonderful representation of what a yummy summer you had

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