28 September 2010


Call me old fashioned, but it always disturbs me when I see dogs and cats co-existing and playing together.  It could come from the fact that we had a cat actually killed by dogs while I was growing up.

One of those was my dear sweet Jigsaw.  He was stood up, I'm sure of it.  But... I still don't trust him alone with the cat.

At any rate, my mom's kitten has adjusted quite well to some of the dogs in their household.

Okay.  He's adjusted to 1 of 2.

Trixie is pint sized-- like a kitten, so it works well.

I would like to say, however, that Trixie (the dog) is actually playing in all of these pictures, and she wore out before the cat did.

Neither were harmed...

... somehow.

Are you seeing this?  That cat has sharp claws, and sharp teeth!  That's gotta hurt!

But Trixie is a Jack Russell, and those aren't likely to give up on... anything.  Ever.

I promise the cat is okay.  And I think he even won this... encounter.

If you have a cat, you've seen this before.  This is the, "I'm done with you."  It's when they suddenly decide that they are clearly better than you and therefore you are not worthy of playing with them.

Trixie was relieved.  After all, she had jumped up on top of the couch to escape.

On a side note, shouldn't all dogs be male and all cats be female?  It's a stigma, I know, but everytime any of us talk about the cat, we call him a her.  And then we proceed to call Trixie a boy.  It's quite the opposite.

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AnniePressley said...

Paddy and Winston used to play like that. Once Paddy grabbed Winston and slammed him on my face while I was taking a nap.

I think all cats should be male. I prefer male cats. They're really sassy and I love that. I could care less about dogs, haha. I am a cat person. That made me sound like I hate dogs. I don't hate dogs, just certain types.

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