15 July 2010

The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge: Make me Laugh!

I don't have kiddos, so I live for my nieces!  This is the newest addition!

I caught this photo quite on accident.  It was one of those moments where everyone in the family looks at you and says, "Did you get that picture?!?!"

I did!  My dad (the little one's grandfather) was smiling for the picture, but kept blinking right as I snapped each shot.  I looked up from the camera and said, "Keep your eyes open!"

And right as he made this ridiculous face, Rylie made a huge yawn.

Not to mention I can't believe how much she's grown!  You can see her entire tiny body in this picture-- the giraffe faces under my dad's chin are her feet!

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1 comment:

Mommy2Four said...

Awww..... so cute!

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