15 June 2010


I apologize for the terrible quality in pictures for today's post.  But it was a wedding and I didn't want to be rude to their photographer by carrying around my Nikon.  And then I didn't want to use my flash during the ceremony.  So... tada!  A wedding with a Kodak Easyshare!

This is my cousin's wedding.  Check out her gorgeous dress!

You may kiss your bride!

Afterwards we headed to her parents house for the reception.  There wasn't enough parking so they had us all park in a field and go on a hayride to the reception.  Very fun!

Wonder what attracted them to buy this property?  It couldn't be the view...

Now let's talk details. I loved all of them.  I already talked about the dress.  Check out the cake.

And the cake topper:

In all my wedding searches I never saw anything like that.  Beautiful.

Hello bouquets.  You are unique and gorgeous.  And handmade by the bride (and whoever helped her).

And the day wouldn't be complete without seeing a ton of old friends.  Here's Brittany.  We went to church together when I lived in NC.  I think we get along so well because we're both so short!  She's going to be a junior in high school this year.  Which makes me feel old.

Who's that guy?  Can you tell how warm it was!  It was gorgeous outside!

And of course, the bride and groom.  Cheers!

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