16 June 2010

Silly bands.

Have you seen these things?  They are all. the. rage.  With kids, anyways.

They're so popular they were banned from a local elementary school.  And only cool things are banned.  Giga pets and slap bracelets come to mind.  To this day I can tell you the name of the girl who stole my giga pet in the 6th grade.  But I'm not bitter or anything.

So I decided to look it up and see what is so cool about these things, and I quickly learned two things:
1) They are, in fact, really cool!
2) I am getting older.

We'll get back to #1 in a minute.  But as for #2-- I thought these were silly bands:

I mean, they're plastic little bracelets that come in many different colors and they used to be all the rage...

And that's when it hit me... that's something my mother or grandmother would say.  "Oh, I thought you were talking about those!"

Maybe your mother doesn't say things like that.  But mine does.

Back to #1.  Have you seen these?  They are actually very cool.  I see why kids like them!

Here are some photos off of their website, www.sillybandz.com :

Okay, so they're thin little stretchy plastic bracelets.  And they come in different shapes and colors.

As expected, they come in animal shapes. 

But they also come in the alphabet!

And even fairy princess shapes!  These rubber bracelets have definitely got it going on!

Ok, back to adulthood.

Do you have any silly bandz?  What age group are they most popular in?

1 comment:

Beth said...

Oh yes-the silly bandz. My boys are into them, just like the neighbor, and the kids on the baseball team, and....

They are cool I guess, but here's how old I am - they actually work as rubber bands and I think THAT'S cool! (I am such a nerd.)

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