10 June 2010

Max. Part 2.

I've heard dachshund's described as smart, brave, and energetic.  So although Max may be long and skinny like a hot dog, he's clearly not a dachshund.  He doesn't really have any of those traits, bless his heart.  He is strong willed, though.  When he gets a hairbrained idea in his head (which mainly consists of "I'm not moving.  I'm going to stay exactly where I'm at"), he doesn't give in.

Now jumping up on the bed?  He still hasn't mastered that one.  It's kinda nice.

Remember the little scuffle that I mentioned and the swelling that was a result of it?  Today, Max decided that if it itched, he would scratch it.

And he did.  And if you own dogs, then you know where this lead.

I got home and freaked out.  He had scratched a hole in his head.  Not the wound where he had actually been bitten, but a whole new hole.  In his head.

This is usually the part where I shriek, and Josh comes running to the rescue.  No such luck-- he is four hours away.

I'll spare you any more details, but let's just say that this little issue had to be taken care of before I took the dogs for a walk.  And taking them for a walk is THE most important thing to do when we first get home.

Remember the strong willed part?  That made this hard.  Max kept jerking his head every time I tried to clean it.  The poor little guy... I know it hurt him.

I also foresaw that Max would rip any type of bandage right off, so I was way ahead of him.  thought I was way ahead of him.

This goes all the way around his head several times.

I knew it had to hurt, but I also knew that the bandage had to be better than an open wound bleeding everywhere and getting infected.

And it would protect him from... other things...

Like alpha dogs.

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