25 June 2010

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, amazing husband!

I have always been terrible at gifts, but I think I've done alright this year!  More to come-- but he has to open them first! 

The first year we were dating I tried to be an awesome girlfriend.  But I had just turned 18 two weeks earlier, so I failed miserably.  Here was my thought process:

My boyfriend is attention deficit.  He consumes as little sugar as possible in an attempt to control this.  Therefore, I will make him sugar free cupcakes.

I was always such a math nerd.  But in this case, A + B did NOT equal C.

Those things were nasty.

And then I planned to take him to a swimming hole to go swimming.  But I hadn't been there in over 10 years.  But how hard could it be to find it?  I knew what road it was on.  And it was near a bridge.

But halfway there we realized that there was probably not going to be a changing room at this natural swimming hole (duh), so we called my brother to see if we could change clothes at his house.

When we got up to the road with the swimming hole (in the middle of nowhere), there were about 12 bridges in that area.  And there were no crowds around there as I suspected there would be.  There was also NOT a sign saying "swimming hole."

We ended up abandoning that idea.  Which was probably for the better, because it wasn't very warm that day.  We would have frozen!

Ahhh... young love!  So blind.  But such an adventure.

What are your worst birthday surprises-turned-failures?

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