17 May 2010

Proof my Hubby is much cooler than me.

This is an actual conversation between me & hubby:

Me: Do you know Jon Acuff (Uh-cuff)?

Hubby: You mean Jon A-cuff?

Me: Yeah.  Like I said, do you know him?

Hubby:  Yeah.

Me: You do?  How do you know all these people?  I found his blog the other day!  It's called 'Stuff Christians Like' and it's hilarious!  But... does he just have a really dry sense of humor?

Hubby: Yeah.  Really dry.

Me: Oh good.  I would worry if he was serious about some of that stuff.  So when you say you know him... do you know him know him?  Or just know of him?

Hubby: He used to go to North Point [our old church in GA], you know.

(my attempt at trying to be cool & 'in the know')

Me: He still does... according to his blog... I think.  So wait... have you met him?

Hubby: Yeah.  He's just a normal person, Susan.  He's just a really talented writer and has a great blog.

Me: (playing it cool) Oh, I know.  His book just came out.

Hubby: Okay.

Me: So... have I met him?

Hubby: I introduced you one Sunday at InsideOut.

Me: Oh.  (pause)  Did you say, "This is Jon Acuff, the guy who writes the blog 'Stuff Christians Like'?"

Hubby:  Probably.

Me: Oh.  Well, it's a really cool blog.


And you should check it out, if that's your cup of tea:

Sidenote: Mr. Acuff & my hubby are not bestie friends or anything... they're acquaintances.  He's still way cooler than me, though.  :(

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