29 May 2010

The Dave Ramsey Show

After work several of us headed over to Kristen's house to watch The Dave Ramsey Show.  Kristen is the only one out of the entire bunch that has Fox Business Network on her TV.  The cable guy apparently has a crush on her.

*Sidenote: I have learned that the cable installation guy has a lot of control over things, and if you bat your eyes enough, they'll give you more channels, or at least a DVR.*

Not that Kristen batted her eyes.  And she didn't ask for more channels.  Which is why I think the cable guy clearly has a crush on her.

I digress.  As usual.

The anticipation begins...

Josh and I were really nervous.

It was my first national television debut.  Josh's 2nd.

He was on CMT a few years back.

Mainly because he's awesome and Sarah Evans thought so, too.

That's us!  Goofy grins, cheesy smiles and all!

Dave Ramsey is pretty much my hero because he's so consistent with his advice.  You know exactly what he is going to say because it never changes.

This is where Josh was talking about his truck almost getting repossessed.  It didn't, and we sold it promptly.  That kick started this whole thing 3 years ago.

What was the one debt that you were so glad to pay off?

CHASE!!!  It was our first credit card we paid off and we were so glad because our interest rate had been 30%!!  2 years later, another credit card we were paying off was bought out by Chase.  So we were writing checks to Chase again.  It was one of the last debts we paid.

I never want to see the name Chase again.

And no... we're not naming any kids Chase.


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