20 April 2010

11 years

11 years ago today. Columbine.
I was in middle school and there had already been various threats at our school, and a tennis ball bomb. We were evacuated several times that year and had to clean our our lockers and lose our bookbags. Neither were allowed anymore because they could be used to conceal bombs, guns, etc.

It sucks to not feel safe at school. There were several threats leading up to one particular day in middle school. Half of the students didn't even show up. I had perfect attendance since 3rd grade so I wasn't about to miss class, although I was scared. Halfway through the day, my grandfather showed up and checked me out of school.

((My grandfather is a very no-nonsense man. When he goes on trips he only stops for gas. As he fills up the tank, you better use the restroom because you've got a whole tank of gas before you get another chance!))

Back to my story. When he came to pick me up I nearly (okay probably) cried. It was so scary.

It's scary that it still goes on. Enka High School (where Josh graduated) students felt that same fear today, and half of them didn't go to school because of it.

My heart hurts for them.

And for all those that feel the hurt and fear from these circumstances.

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