15 March 2010

Rylie Brook is going to be welcomed into the world this coming Thursday (3/18)! Because Christy's blood pressure is high, they're going to be inducing her two weeks before her due date. We were all hoping for the 17th (my predicted date from the beginning) but it was already booked (imagine that!). Why the 17th? IT'S ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

Happens to be one of my fave days of the year. And... Jigsaw is going to be 10 years old! In doggie years, that makes him 70, which is the same age as Chuck Norris (but who's counting).

So here's a picture to leave you with. Christy has been put on bedrest, but her family had a shower planned for Saturday. What to do? Bring a cot for her to lay on! Christy figured that since she was up and moving around for 5+ hours going to, from, and during her doctor's visit last week (after she'd been put on bedrest), that a car ride and laying down during the shower couldn't hurt too much. She was really good about laying down, too. :)

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