27 March 2010

Money Money Money!

Yesterday our $100 Visa giftcard came in the mail from Rent.com. It's for using their service to find our apartment.
And because we've recently gotten re-fired up about paying off debt (we'd put it on hold for awhile because of moving expenses, etc.), we immediately went and put it towards our smallest balance on a credit card! Last week we paid $200 towards that same card.

It feels so great to be paying off debt once and for all. I actually enjoy paying our bills now. It's exciting. Being debt free is going to be so fun!

Read this book... it changed our lives. (Sounds hokey, huh? Well, it's true. It's not a gimmick or an easy plan. It's a straightforward-the-way-our-grandmothers-did-it type of plan. And it works.)

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